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IJN T5 sub doesnt feel worth it. Thoughts?

1/11/2015 2:07:32 AM
Avatar krochlikmiov

So after unlocking all the upgrades for the Kirai-Sen I feel like the sub almost lacks a point. They say IJN subs have superior torps, but it seems pointless when at 21 knots I cant catch anyone half the time. Intercepting someone (assuming you have any vision) is the only way to really get a hit in. And even then the torps never seem to "one shot" any cruiser as so many people've told me they do.


Basically, I'm sick of playing for an entire match and getting 0 exp because I spend half the game chasing people who die by the time I get there. I feel like I should just play another branch cause I can be more useful as even a T1 DD. Though having invested so much time already I'm real reluctant to bother.


Anyone have similar issues? Or should I just stop working on my IJN subs right now and start a German captain.

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