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Dive / "Anti sonar" ability too strong on subs?

1/11/2015 8:29:16 AM
Avatar Blubbblubb

I was in my tier 4 DD today folowwing a surfaced / level 1 dived sub. I was absolutly close to him, half a DD lenght away. Don't know what sub it was, but it happened twice in that game:

The moment he dived to deepth level 2 my sonar wasn't able to detect him. Even not at that close range and sonar directly fired the moment he dived.

OK, I don't have an awfull lot on ability on my sonar officers (maybe 80 points) but at this point blank range I would expect to see an enemy sub. At least until he dived very deep. But not already lose contact on dive level 2.

I mean DDs are the only weapon against dived subs - so give them a chance to do their job.

Anybody had some problems



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