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I am so done playing ss

1/11/2015 3:15:29 PM
Avatar Arindris

I just want to list some problems I've had with subs and want to know if people have had similar problems, and agree with me or not.


Chasing people down all game, (particularly the map where people spawn in two clusters, up north and down south with the radar island in the north) and the match finishing before I even get a chance to deal damage. Happens maybe 10% of the time. EDIT: This is the map I'm talking about http://www.navyfield2.com/Forum/View.aspx?num=871&bt=B01&st=1&sw=&rc=20&ot=1


Limited visibility and torpedo fuse time. If you have a vague idea of where an enemy ship is and you head in their direction, once they appear within the tiny field of view you have, and surface from level 2 to level 1 then fire - its rather lucky if your torps hit before they're too close and they fizzle out.


People chasing away easy targets. "Oh look, a nice DD capping this radar, just another 30 seconds and my torpedoes'll be ready to fire agai- ..... oh ffs, thanks BB for that horridly aimed shot, hes running away at 45 knots now..." 


All of this wouldnt bother me, if I at least got some recognition that I TRIED. 0 exp, 0 credits, for 10+ minutes of frustration. I'm going back to CVs...


Don't get me wrong, these issues dont plague me every game, but getting no reward for a whole game happens too often for me to be ok with it.

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