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Submarines need more info

1/13/2015 11:06:19 AM
Avatar GianSilveira

I dont speak english very well but i will try.

I need to know how much of the torpedos is in front or rear for example

KM nation.

First SS - Type II:

-21" torpedo launcher 1x3 (dmg:16,386)


Second SS - Type IA:

-21" torpedo launcher 1x6 (dmg:16,386) [but dont say 4 front and 2 rear]


Why i want to know this?



Last submarine of KM - The type XXI:

-21" torpedo launcher 1x6 (dmg:16,386) as can u see can be the same like the second SS of course there is others improvements but


Last submarine of US - Tench:

-21" torpedo launcher 1x10 (dmg:14,896) if it is all in front it will do a lot more dmg than the KM


thx for help




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