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Did you know? (some tips)

12/4/2014 4:16:50 AM
Avatar 관리자 gm

Did you know?


1) Once you click shift + mouse wheel button over another ship in the battle,

then you may check a brief ship information.


2) When it's raining, the accuracy ratio drops slightly.


3) A player gets 0 reward if the player plays nothing.


4) If a player leaves from the field during the battle, he or she will lose the battle.


5) Hit F12 on your keyboard on the battle, then the battle UI will be disappeared

(Hit F12 key one more time to bring back your battle UI).


6) On the battle station penal, Left boxes for officer is for credit officer only;

right boxes for officer is for the gold officer only.


7) If your team completely captures the Raider Base, it will randomly locate where the enemy ships are.


8) Check the Option to find out your manual keys.


9) Talk much with your team on the battle. Your win ratio will be increasing if you communicate with your teammates.


10) /s all chat; /t team chat on the battle.


11) No damage before 30 seconds passing from the battle start.


12) You may chat while you searching the battle; just hit enter to join the chat box.


13) Captain level doesn't really matter with the next ship level. 

As long as you finish to resarch for the next ship, then you may get the next ship.



 Did you guys  know this? :)



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